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Gretta Stone

Gretta Stone Gretta Stone is Deputy Vice President of Policy & Research at PhRMA where she manages a range of issues related to the R&D process, the biopharmaceutical pipeline, the value of medicines, and personalized medicine. In her more than ten years at PhRMA she has authored many PhRMA publications including the annual Biopharmaceutial Research Industry Profile, an overview of the sector and a go-to source of data on the industry; the Setbacks and Stepping Stones series on medicines that do not make it to approval but pave the way for progress; and Biopharmaceutical Pipeline: Evolving Science, Hope for Patients new medicines on the horizon for patients.

Recent Posts

Using setbacks as stepping stones in Alzheimer’s research

By Gretta Stone  |    August 3, 2016
For decades, biopharmaceutical researchers have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of new treatments and cures for the costly and devastating Alzheimer’s disease. Advancing treatments for...   Read More

New Study Illustrates Biopharmaceutical Industry’s Commitment to Personalized Medicine

By Gretta Stone  |    May 20, 2015
Potential personalized medicines represent 42 percent of drugs in the pipeline. This new finding, from a survey by the Tufts Center for the Study for Drug Development (CSDD), is remarkably high,...   Read More

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