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IP protections found to be critical to life-science innovation and investment

By Jay Taylor  |    April 7, 2016
A new report by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) has found intellectual property (IP) protections to be crucial to stimulating risk-taking and innovation. The study, How...   Read More

Past free trade agreements provide valuable lessons for future success

By Jay Taylor  |    March 8, 2016
Last week, the Senate Committee on Finance held a hearing to discuss free trade agreement implementation and lessons learned from past agreements. The hearing focused on recent examples where...   Read More

Canada’s innovation opportunity

By Jay Taylor  |    February 11, 2016
Next month’s visit of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Washington is a chance to strengthen a vital trade and investment partnership and to resolve problems left over by Canada’s previous...   Read More

Canada’s chance to reform its approach to innovation

By Jay Taylor  |    February 5, 2016
Intellectual property drives and sustains research, development and delivery of valuable new treatments and cures for patients who need them around the world. America’s world-leading...   Read More

Australia’s opportunity to lead the TPP forward

By Jay Taylor  |    September 18, 2015
New Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is certainly going to have a busy autumn. As he works to form a new government, Australia must also strive to complete negotiations in the...   Read More

Prime Minister Abe’s Visit is an Important Step Toward Strengthening Innovation

By Jay Taylor  |    April 29, 2015
Today was an historic day for Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who arrived in the U.S. on Sunday for a week-long visit and became the first Japanese leader to address a joint session of...   Read More

Negotiators Must Say “Aloha” to a 21st Century Trade Deal

By Jay Taylor  |    March 10, 2015
This week, chief negotiators from the 12 Pacific Rim countries currently negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement are gathering in Hawaii to continue deliberations surrounding this...   Read More

U.S. Trade Representative Continues the Vital IP Dialogue

By Jay Taylor  |    February 24, 2015
Understanding how intrinsic intellectual property (IP) is to the United States economy (innovative industries support more than a quarter of all jobs in the U.S.), the Office of the U.S. Trade...   Read More

Placing Innovation at the Forefront of the U.S. Trade Agenda

By Jay Taylor  |    January 28, 2015
Although we are not even a month into 2015, the U.S. trade agenda has already taken center stage and this coming week will prove to be no different. Less than 24 hours after returning from his trip...   Read More

Prime Minister Modi’s U.S. Visit a Prime Opportunity to Strengthen U.S.-India Ties

By Jay Taylor  |    September 29, 2014
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s election just a few short months ago was greeted with renewed hope by India and people of Indian descent and heritage throughout the world. And judging by the...   Read More

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