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340B Spotlight: 340B hospitals account for majority of Part B reimbursements

By Allyson Funk  |    February 9, 2016
Once again, new research is pointing to the critical need to reform the 340B program. The latest data, from Berkeley Research Group (BRG), uncovered startling differences in Medicare Part B...   Read More

340B Spotlight: Hospitals report declines in uncompensated care even as more are qualifying for the 340B drug discount program

By Karyn Schwartz  |    February 3, 2016
We previously noted that it is counterintuitive that more hospitals would become eligible for the 340B discount program as the share of uninsured patients these hospitals serve declines due to the...   Read More

340B Spotlight: New study raises questions about whether non-profit hospitals are meeting charity care requirements in Affordable Care Act

By Karyn Schwartz  |    November 19, 2015
New data published in The New England Journal of Medicine shows that many non-profit hospitals are not meeting charity care requirements in the Affordable Care Act. These requirements were...   Read More

340B Spotlight: ICYMI – New study on hospital-physician practice consolidation

By Rachel Licata  |    November 3, 2015
In case you missed it, a recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine, “Association of Financial Integration Between Physicians and Hospitals with Commercial Health Care Prices,” looked at the spending...   Read More

340B Spotlight: Rapid growth of contract pharmacies

By Rebecca Davison  |    October 8, 2015
Last week we covered the basics around contract pharmacies in the 340B program. Today we’re taking a closer look at contract pharmacies as a relatively new source of growth in the program. ...   Read More

340B Spotlight: What are contract pharmacy arrangements?

By Allyson Funk  |    October 1, 2015
We’ve been covering 340B a lot in recent weeks, including areas of needed reform: how discounts work, levels of charity care among 340B hospitals and the relatively high rate of 340B hospitals...   Read More

340B Spotlight: Health Care Costs Rising from Increase in 340B Hospital Acquisitions of Physician Practices

By Rebecca Davison  |    September 24, 2015
An increasingly popular and alarming trend among 340B hospitals is hurting the integrity of the program and driving up health care costs in the system. Many 340B hospitals are rapidly acquiring...   Read More

340B Spotlight: A lack of charity care among 340B hospitals

By Allyson Funk  |    September 17, 2015
We’ve talked before about charity care and the 340B drug discount program. Research  found most 340B hospitals provide little to below average levels of charity care. Why is this important?...   Read More

How 340B discounts work

By Rebecca Davison  |    September 9, 2015
Recognizing the importance of access to prescription medicines, Congress created the 340B program in 1992 to help vulnerable or uninsured patients served by safety net facilities get the medicines...   Read More

340B Mega Guidance

By Allyson Funk  |    September 1, 2015
PhRMA appreciates the Health Resources and Services Administration’s (HRSA) efforts in releasing the 340B mega guidance and is pleased to have an opportunity to comment before the guidance is...   Read More

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