5 facts about the PhRMA Foundation

Eileen Cannon   |     March 1, 2016   |   SHARE THIS

As the PhRMA Foundation celebrates its 50th year, here are five facts about the PhRMA Foundation and its work to support young pharmaceutical scientists across the United States.


For young scientists, support from the  PhRMA Foundation through grants and fellowships serves as encouragement as they pursue careers in disciplines that are important to biopharmaceutical research and efforts to find tomorrow’s cures and treatments.

One such scientist is Christopher M. Jewell, Ph.D, who received the 2013 Research Starter Grant in Pharmaceutics. Learn more about how the Foundation’s support impacted his career here. To learn more about the Foundation and its work, visit www.phrmafoundation.org.

Eileen Cannon

Eileen Cannon Eileen is president of the PhRMA Foundation.

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