A new era in genomics

Andrew Powaleny
Andrew Powaleny April 26, 2017


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Personalized medicine has taken on a new meaning with the mapping of the human genome.

With a clearer understanding of each individual’s own genetic makeup, America’s Biopharmaceutical Companies are making groundbreaking innovations that deliver personalized medicines to patients. Personalized medicine is changing the course of treatment in a host of therapeutic areas – from oncology to cystic fibrosis; and holds incredible promise for diseases like Alzheimer’s. The completion of the Human Genome Project has catalyzed a new era of medicine, where scientific advances once unthinkable are today becoming a reality.

As part of the GOBOLDLY campaign, PhRMA is continuing our national dialogue series by discussing what genomics means in The New Era of Medicine with “Sequencing the Genome: Examining Modern Medicine” today, April 26th in partnership with The Atlantic. Over 40 percent of new medicines in development have the potential to be personalized medicines, and this event takes a deep dive into advances in genomic research and innovation, opportunities and challenges and what the future holds.

The program will be streamed live from 8:30 - 10:45 am ET, and those interested can join the conversation on Twitter with @PhRMA and #GoBoldy.

To learn more about the positive impact of the work being done by America’s biopharmaceutical companies, visit www.innovation.org.  

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