A state-by-state look at coverage and access hurdles in 2016 exchange plans

Rebecca Davison
Rebecca Davison May 6, 2016

A state-by-state look at coverage and access hurdles in 2016 exchange plans.

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We frequently talk about access barriers patients with health insurance exchange plans face, including two recent studies from Avalere Health and Harvard University Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation on plans requiring high cost sharing for all medicines used for certain conditions. But did you know access to health care treatments and services also varies by state, with patients in some states facing more access barriers than others?


New fact sheets now available on Access Better Coverage provide an in-depth, state-by-state look at coverage and access in the 2016 exchange plans. From deductibles and cost sharing to prescription drug coverage, each fact sheet lays out the specifics for a given state compared to the national average, according to research analyzing 2016 silver health insurance exchange plans (the most popular in the exchanges).

Based on the data and information gathered, the fact sheets also include suggestions for improving exchange coverage in each state. For many states, a key first step is enforcing non-discrimination requirements. Learn more about solutions for engaging and empowering consumers here.

Be sure to look up your state here, and learn more at AccessBetterCoverage.org.

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