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Because One Day Isn't Enough

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 28, 2011
Today is Rare Disease Day, a day meant to raise awareness of the 25 million Americans living with diseases that are often little-known and often, unfortunately, undertreated. In conjunction with Rare...   Read More

Teen ODs on Drugs purchased online without Prescription

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 25, 2011
Last week, I wrote about the worldwide counterfeit medicine threat and the dangers that an open U.S. drug supply system poses to patient health and safety. Consumers need to be very careful because...   Read More

Medicines are Part of the Solution

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 24, 2011
Richard Myer, over at Pharma Marketer details some useful facts about the cost of drug development. One of the things that astonished me was the prediction that by 2020 an estimated 52 percent of the...   Read More

State Leaders See Bioscience as Jobs Engine

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 24, 2011
There was a good and interesting OpEd in yesterday's Indianapolis Star that's worth a look. In a nut shell, it talks about what is happening in Indiana where an alliance of business, labor and public...   Read More

A Renewed Commitment To Safety

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 24, 2011
Last year, a high-profile theft of many millions of dollars worth of prescription medicines added a dose of a drama to the biopharmaceutical sector - one that we'd like to avoid. Unfortunately, that...   Read More

Putting Your Health First - For the Greater Good

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 23, 2011
With so much to write about last week, I managed to miss a particularly interesting article on The New York Times Prescriptions blog about a survey regarding how patients kept up with their wellness...   Read More

Breaking a Link in the Value Chain

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 22, 2011
Over the weekend, The Boston Globe ran an article that included a turn of phrase that I thought was a keeper: "the whole value chain of innovation."   Read More

New Efforts to Spur Needed Civil Justice Reform

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 21, 2011
Civil justice reform. The words don't come trippingly off the tongue. I was trained as a lawyer, and its hard for me to muster much excitement for the topic.   Read More

The Challenge of Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 21, 2011
In the short time that we've been blogging, we've already talked about the coming public health catastrophe threatening America from Alzheimer's disease. There was an interesting article in today's ...   Read More

This Week on the Blogosphere

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 18, 2011
We've done a lot of writing this week about issues pertaining to the biopharmaceutical sector, but we're just one small chunk of health care. A lot of unrelated articles have caught our eyes this...   Read More

A Disruptive Call for Innovation Focus

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 18, 2011
This week, Disruptive Women in Health Care unveiled a new eBook entitled, Innovation Nation: Recognizing the Benefits of Innovation in Health Care. This compilation of blog posts written by several...   Read More

The Personal Side of Medicine

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 17, 2011
Perhaps you have seen an especially moving column on Forbes's Web site that is getting a lot of attention - and rightfully so. It's going to run in their paper issue next week, but the way it's...   Read More

Supporting Our Colleagues' National Service

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 17, 2011
PhRMA, like nearly every workplace in America, employs men and women who have proudly served this nation in its armed forces and who remain active in the reserves. Recently, PhRMA was honored to be...   Read More

Diabetes - fighting the disease, saving lives

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 17, 2011
There was an interesting segment on the PBS News Hour recently looking at efforts to identify and treat the rising tide of diabetes. The report's upshot was that doctors and clinics are finding new...   Read More

Assistance Is One Step Toward Adherence

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 16, 2011
Last week we talked a bit about how improved adherence can lead to better health and lower overall healthcare costs.   Read More

Winning the War Against Counterfeiters

By Guest Contributor  |    February 16, 2011
I just addressed the Pharma IQ conference, Winning the War Against Counterfeiters, here in Amsterdam. It was an important opportunity to raise awareness of the threat counterfeit medicines pose to...   Read More

Will Life Sciences Be Gone Tomorrow?

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 15, 2011
On Friday, Health Affairs Blog featured a post by health policy attorney Paul Kim that brought to light the overwhelming lack of attention on the life sciences when discussing innovation in America's...   Read More

New 2010 R&D Numbers Demonstrate Our Commitment

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 15, 2011
Today PhRMA is releasing our annual R&D numbers, in which we track how much America's biopharmaceutical research companies invested in 2010 on the discovery and development of tomorrow's potential...   Read More

The Big Picture in Drug Development

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 14, 2011
We at PhRMA often talk about the drug development process: it typically starts with many thousands of compounds in the discovery phase, whittled down to five that make it to clinical trials, one of...   Read More

A Candy Today Keeps the Doctor Away?

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 14, 2011
Amidst today's flowers and chocolates and candlelight suppers, take a few moments to remember that the heart is a bit more complicated than pastel candy stamped "Be Mine."   Read More

The Flood of Counterfeit Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 14, 2011
Run an internet search of "counterfeit drugs." You'll be stunned by how many stories there are about the growing worldwide threat of counterfeit medicines. Criminal networks around the globe are...   Read More

The Online Echo of the Counterfeit Medicine Story

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 14, 2011
The 60 Minutes story on the growing danger of counterfeit prescription medicines that ran over the weekend has sparked interest in the problem. Some, like this piece in Medical News Today about the...   Read More

Searching for Success in ALS

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 10, 2011
Yesterday, our friends at ALS Advocacy Tweeted about the Chart Pack: "Need some #ALS success charts in the next edition!" They can rest assured that America's biopharmaceutical research companies are...   Read More

Getting the Most out of Medicines

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 10, 2011
Yesterday we referred to the impact of improved adherence to medicines on overall healthcare spending. A recent study in Health Affairs reaffirmed this message, finding significantly lower healthcare...   Read More

The Coming Alzheimer's Catastrophe

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 10, 2011
Derek Thompson over at The Atlantic had an interesting post on his blog the other day looking at how the growing population of 65 and older is driving communications related and other technologies as...   Read More

Meet the Chart Pack

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 9, 2011
Telling the story of the biopharmaceutical sector is a daunting task, one that we strive to accomplish daily at PhRMA. One new resource that we're finding especially helpful in this effort is PhRMA's...   Read More

Connecting Some Dots on Innovation

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 9, 2011
President Obama's been speaking passionately about the importance of innovation to our economy recently. I was struck by his State of the Union speech where he said that: "Innovation doesn't just...   Read More

Thinking About the Sector's Future

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 8, 2011
Duff Wilson over at the New York Times has an interesting and, as he says, sobering look at some of the challenges facing America's biopharmaceutical research sector in the years ahead. Wilson...   Read More

Keeping the Wheels Turning on Patent Reform

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 8, 2011
On Monday, Senator Leahy highlighted President Obama's Chamber of Commerce remarks in which he called for a need to reform our patent system. We're quick to recognize that patents - along with other...   Read More

Welcome to the Catalyst

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 6, 2011
We are looking forward to becoming a more active participant in the health care conversation via our new blog. Our goal is simple and straightforward. We are creating a place where we can share...   Read More

Greatest Hit for the Week

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 4, 2011
As the first week of blogging from PhRMA wraps up, we thought it would be good to point back to a couple of posts that linked to some great information. First, there's Meet the Chartpack, introducing...   Read More

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