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Incubators of Innovation

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 16, 2011
As the distinguished panel assembled by Research! America made clear in yesterday's National Press Club event, the economic future for the U.S. is brightest when domestic research and development...   Read More

STEMming the Tide

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 15, 2011
Yesterday, I had a visit from a high school friend who is in town as part of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology "Hill Day," when the ASBMB brings young academic researchers...   Read More

GAO Report Finds Drug Prices Increasing at Lower Rate than Medical Inflation

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 15, 2011
Yesterday, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on drug prices. A key finding in the report shows prices are increasing at a rate lower than medical inflation. According to...   Read More

More Counterfeit Medicines Follow-up

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 14, 2011
The Hill reports that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) recommitted himself to helping stop the flow of counterfeit medicines into the U.S. Here's some of what Leahy had to say:   Read More

Protecting Patients From Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 13, 2011
There was a recent article on MarketWatch that caught my eye because it really broke down the issue of counterfeiting and the dangers that rogue online pharmacy sites pose to patient health and...   Read More

Foreign Sourced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients vs. Imported Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 12, 2011
In a 60 Minutes segment airing tonight, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg admits that there are rare instances of counterfeit medicines seeping into the closed U.S drug...   Read More

The Earthquake in Japan Reminds Us All to be Prepared

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 11, 2011
We live in a global community. Watching the terrible toll of the earthquake in Japan today really brings that home. Needless to say, my thoughts and prayers - like everyone's at PhRMA -- go out to...   Read More

Cancer Victims? Try Cancer Survivors

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 11, 2011
Yesterday on CNN, anchor Ali Velshi @alivelshi referred to the medical innovations that save American lives every day. That was still ringing in my ears when I came across an article about a new study...   Read More

Together, Raising Awareness of the Toll of Chronic Disease

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 10, 2011
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced it will make $100 million available to states so that they can offer incentives to Medicaid enrollees who adopt healthy...   Read More

Ours is a Global Community

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 10, 2011
Yesterday PhRMA was honored to be recognized by The Rotary Foundation for our support of their work on polio eradication and health check-up and screening camps.   Read More

New Medicines - the Long Path to Approval

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 10, 2011
Lupus is a chronic, painful autoimmune deficiency afflicting somewhere around 1.5 million Americans. For the first time in 50 years, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new treatment for the...   Read More

Rare Disease Day Should Last All Year

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 9, 2011
Check out the Huffington Post blog by PhRMA President & CEO John Castellani and Gregg LaPointe, CEO of Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc. They look at some of the unique research hurdles in the search...   Read More

Innovation Comes From Companies of All Sizes

By John Castellani  |    March 9, 2011
Visitors who walk among the mighty redwoods in California are dwarfed by the towering giants, anchors of thriving ecosystems. Imagine turning back the clock to glimpse those forests when the massive...   Read More

Diabetes in the News

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 9, 2011
A story in Medical News Today points out where the greatest incidences of diabetes are in the U.S. It paints a telling demographic picture of diabetes and how it is increasingly a major health issue....   Read More

A Big Step Forward in Patent Reform

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 9, 2011
Last night, after weeks of debate and years of work and dialogue, the Senate passed Senator Patrick Leahy's patent reform bill.Of course, the work still isn't done. Hopefully, in the coming weeks,...   Read More

Castellani and Molineaux OpEd in Patriot News

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 4, 2011
The oped by John Castellani, PhRMA's President and CEO, and Chris Molineaux, President of Pennsylvania BIO, in the March 4 Patriot News in Pennsylvania is worth a look. Some key passages:   Read More

Cheering the Biosciences in West Virginia

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 4, 2011
Derek Gregg, chairman of the Bioscience Association of West Virginia and CEO of Vandalia Research, had a great oped in the Charleston (VA) Gazette. Mr. Gregg is excited by the opportunities that the...   Read More

Setting the Story Straight on Rare Diseases

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 4, 2011
A column in The Boston Globe today tells the exciting story about a local company that is reporting some very positive results from its development program for a medicine to treat cystic fibrosis...   Read More

Never Too Late to Plan for Retirement

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 3, 2011
At the breakfast table yesterday, I was reading the New York Times which included a special supplement on retirement. It was full of the kinds of articles that can make a middle aged person panicky...   Read More

Strength in Numbers to Strengthen the System

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 3, 2011
Watching the Senate floor debate on Senator Patrick Leahy's patent reform bill, we were quite pleased to see the vast, vast majority of senators - 87 of them, in fact - vote to maintain the America...   Read More

Visualizing Our Scope

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 3, 2011
Right now, we're working on finalizing some reports detailing the presence of the biopharmaceutical research sector in each state.   Read More

Clinical Trials - So Necessary But More Complex Than Ever

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 3, 2011
There was an interesting article recently in the Columbus Republic out of Indiana. The article tells the story of clinical trials and of patients in clinical trials. It's a useful overview of the...   Read More

The Time Has Arrived for Patent Reform

By Guest Contributor  |    March 1, 2011
Yesterday, the full Senate took up Senator Patrick's Leahy's patent reform bill, which had already received unanimous and bipartisan support out of the Senate Judiciary Committee. The floor debate is...   Read More

Vaccines: A History Of Improving Health

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 1, 2011
There was an interesting piece in today's New York Times' science section looking back on the historic uses and attitudes toward vaccines at the time of the founding of our country. Benjamin...   Read More

Rare But Equal

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 1, 2011
The theme to Rare Disease Day 2011 was "Rare But Equal." I glossed over that at first when I saw it, but the more I thought about it, the more chilling it is.   Read More

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