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How We’re Curing The Incurable

By John Castellani  |    December 18, 2014
This post first appeared on the Morning Consult.  In 1989, while the world watched the Berlin Wall fall and history opened a new chapter, researchers in government and private labs half a world away...   Read More

Combatting a Lack of Transparency in Health Insurance Exchanges

By Allyson Funk  |    December 15, 2014
In our last whiteboard video, we emphasized the importance of being smart consumers when shopping for health insurance plans. By asking the right questions and comparing different plans you are more...   Read More

TEDMED Great Challenges Google Hangout on Balancing the Costs of Health Care

By Randy Burkholder  |    December 11, 2014
Today, I had the chance take part in a Google+ Hangout organized by TEDMED. A part of TEDMED’s Great Challenges series, the Hangout, titled, “A Delicate Balance: How Can We Rightsize Treatment...   Read More

Patient Safety Demands that Drug Compounders Comply With Law

By Mark Grayson  |    December 11, 2014
“When compounded products are not made according to strict quality standards appropriate for their scale of production, the results can be deadly.”  Six public health organizations wrote this to FDA...   Read More

Debunking Common Myths About Clinical Trials

By Jocelyn Ulrich  |    December 11, 2014
MYTH: Clinical trial volunteers are merely human guinea pigs. FACT:  You may be hesitant to participate in a clinical trial out of concern that you will be treated as a set of symptoms upon which to...   Read More

Biopharmaceutical companies reaffirm commitment to patients in updated Principles on Conduct of Clinical Trials and Communication of Clinical Trial Results

By Bill Chin, M.D.  |    December 10, 2014
Researchers in biopharmaceutical companies strive to discover and develop new medicines and vaccines that will help people to live longer, healthier lives.  They go to work every day knowing that...   Read More

Prescription Drug Lifecycle Helps Health Care Spending Hit Record Low

By Holly Campbell  |    December 5, 2014
Following several years of modest growth, a new study published in Health Affairs reports a record low health care spending increase of 3.6 percent in 2013. The last time the annual growth rate was...   Read More

World AIDS Day 2014: Transforming the Trajectory of Disease

By Guest Contributor  |    December 1, 2014
Today is World AIDS Day, and we’re examining the tremendous progress we’ve made turning what was once considered a virtual death sentence into a chronic condition. The fact that the death rate for...   Read More

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