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Week in Review: Commitment to Patient Well-Being

By Christian Clymer  |    January 30, 2015
For the biopharmaceutical industry, patient well-being is at the center of everything we do. In keeping patients at the forefront, we are doing all that we can to help people live longer, healthier...   Read More

New Evidence of Discrimination in Essential Health Benefit Plans

By Tina Stow  |    January 30, 2015
While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded access to health insurance coverage for millions, a new study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health reveals that insurers may be...   Read More

Get Involved to Protect Women’s Health During Cervical Health Awareness Month

By Tina Stow  |    January 30, 2015
Many people likely don’t realize that the human papillomavirus, or HPV, is one of the most prevalent sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. This means 79 million Americans, both men and...   Read More

Placing Innovation at the Forefront of the U.S. Trade Agenda

By Jay Taylor  |    January 28, 2015
Although we are not even a month into 2015, the U.S. trade agenda has already taken center stage and this coming week will prove to be no different. Less than 24 hours after returning from his trip...   Read More

The Industry-Labor Partnership: Where Biopharmaceutical Innovation Meets Economic Advancement

By Scott LaGanga  |    January 28, 2015
As someone who grew up around the biopharmaceutical industry and knows firsthand the impact that it has on local communities, I’m frequently reminded of our members’ far-reaching impact in my role as...   Read More

Strong R&D Investment the Best Bet to Slow Alzheimer’s Growing Threat

By Holly Campbell  |    January 28, 2015
Since the publication of this post, the Alzheimer’s Association released a new report, “Changing the Trajectory of Alzheimer's Disease: How a Treatment by 2025 Saves Lives and Dollars,” that examines...   Read More

Our Commitment to Advancing Patient-Centered Payment Models

By John Castellani  |    January 26, 2015
PhRMA supports Secretary Burwell’s goal of advancing affordable, high quality and patient centered health care, and today’s announcement represents an important step forward.   Read More

Week in Review: Planning Ahead for Patients

By Christian Clymer  |    January 23, 2015
Now that 2015 is underway, it’s time to put our guiding principles into action. Our goal is to build on successes from 2014 to help patients live long, healthy lives. This week we started to put...   Read More

Over $500 Billion Invested in R&D by PhRMA Member Companies Since 2000

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    January 22, 2015
Developing innovative, lifesaving medicines for patients is the sole focus of the biopharmaceutical industry. PhRMA member companies invested more than $50 billion in research and development (R&D)...   Read More

41 New Medicines Approved in 2014

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    January 20, 2015
In 2014, the FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) approved a record 41 new medicines, making it a particularly strong year of innovation for America’s biopharmaceutical companies....   Read More

Working Together to Deliver Hope to Patients

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    January 20, 2015
When President Obama held his end-of-year press conference last month, he struck a clear and upbeat tone: “A new future is ready to be written. We've set the stage for this American moment.  And I'm...   Read More

Wanted: A Balanced Discussion on Health Care Costs

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    January 15, 2015
1-26-15 UPDATE: In response to the op-ed referenced below, The New York Times posted a Letter To The Editor from PhRMA President & CEO John Castellani.   Read More

2015 Guiding Principle: Building on Our 2014 Focus on Patients

By Josephine Martin  |    January 9, 2015
Throughout 2014, I’ve seen firsthand the impact that the biopharmaceutical sector has on patients and the health care system every day. The innovative spirit, passion for helping patients,...   Read More

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