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Celebrating 40 years of the Orphan Drug Act on Rare Disease Day

By Abigail Lore  |    February 28, 2023
For over a decade, Rare Disease Day has been celebrated on February 28 to raise awareness and generate change for the more than 30 million patients in the U.S. living with a rare disease. This year’s...   Read More

PhRMA's Change Agents bring awareness and value of HBCUs and their impact to STEM

By Kristin Williams  |    February 28, 2023
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (“HBCUs”), federally designated as any college or university established prior to 1964 with the principal mission of educating Black Americans, play a...   Read More

PhRMA submits comments to USPTO highlighting important role of patent system in medicine development

By Megan Van Etten  |    February 23, 2023
PhRMA responded to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO) request for comments regarding USPTO initiatives to ensure the robustness and reliability of patent rights.   Read More

Holding pharmacy benefit managers accountable

By Reid Porter  |    February 23, 2023
State legislative sessions across the country are in full swing, and many state officials have made lowering the cost of medicine for patients a top priority. If policymakers are serious about...   Read More

Stopping pharmacy benefit managers from “gaming the system”

By Reid Porter  |    February 22, 2023
People around the country say they are paying too much for their prescription medicines. State policymakers could help address this problem now. Doing so starts with stopping pharmacy benefit...   Read More

What they are saying: Nonprofit hospitals are gaming the system at the expense of patients

By Gabby Migliara  |    February 21, 2023
There have been some alarming stories uncovered by the media on ways nonprofit hospitals — many of which participate in the 340B drug pricing program — are taking advantage of the system and their...   Read More

Senate hearing to examine bipartisan reforms to rein in middlemen

By Brian Newell  |    February 16, 2023
Did you know that insurance companies use middlemen — known as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) — to decide what medicines people can get and what people pay out of pocket for those medicines?     Read More

State policymakers can protect American innovation and help Americans live longer, healthier lives

By Mark Reisenauer and Stephen J. Ubl  |    February 9, 2023
For the second year in a row, life expectancy is on the decline in America. The leading causes of death across the United States include cancer and chronic diseases. Even when patients are able to...   Read More

Recognizing National Glaucoma Awareness Month

By Matthew Norawong  |    February 1, 2023
January was National Glaucoma Awareness Month and provided us an opportunity to spread the word and honor the millions of patients around the world who are impacted by this debilitating disease.   ...   Read More

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