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Abigail Lore

Abigail Lore Abigail Lore, MPA, is Director of Policy and Research at PhRMA. At PhRMA she is responsible for developing educational materials and research studies on a range of issues impacting innovative biopharmaceutical companies including FDA policy issues, the R&D process, and emerging technologies such as digital health tools and cell and gene therapies. Before joining PhRMA in 2019, she worked at a patient advocacy organization as a project manager. Abigail came to Washington, DC via New Hampshire to attend American University, and fell in love with the city including the running and biking trails, endless restaurants to try and the DC sports teams. Abigail has seen the first hand benefits of biopharmaceutical research and is passionate about advocating for a strong STEM workforce as well as the patients they work to help.

Recent Posts

New report details the promise of the biopharmaceutical pipeline

By Abigail Lore  |    December 7, 2021
The biopharmaceutical pipeline contains thousands of innovative new treatments that have the potential to address unmet medical needs, save lives and improve patients’ health. A new report by the...   Read More

New report demonstrates the growing importance of partnerships in advancing biomedical innovation

By Abigail Lore  |    March 24, 2021
As we mark a full year since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, it’s impossible to overstate the significance of collaborations. The unprecedented level of strategic collaborative efforts that...   Read More

Key takeaways: PhRMA comments to USPTO on how to make the innovation ecosystem more diverse and inclusive

By Abigail Lore  |    March 5, 2021
Last week, PhRMA submitted comments to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in response to a request for comments on the National Strategy for Expanding American Innovation. PhRMA’s...   Read More

Report highlights biopharmaceutical industry’s commitment to D&I

By Abigail Lore  |    December 17, 2020
Today, PhRMA released a new report prepared by TEConomy Partners, LLC that provides insights into the efforts of biopharmaceutical companies to advance diversity & inclusion (D&I) in the workplace,...   Read More

New Report: The biopharmaceutical industry’s sustained commitment to inspiring and advancing tomorrow’s STEM workforce

By Abigail Lore  |    October 12, 2020
America’s biopharmaceutical companies are at the heart of a robust research and development (R&D) ecosystem that develops more innovative medicines than any other country in the world. The ongoing...   Read More

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