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Ashley Flint

Ashley Flint Ashley is a former Senior Director in the Policy and Research Department at PhRMA where she led day-to-day policy analysis related to the Medicare Part D program. Prior to PhRMA, Ashley worked as an Associate at HCM Strategists, a health and education consulting firm. Ashley holds a Masters in public policy from George Washington University, with a concentration in health policy, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and psychology from Emory University.

Recent Posts

Medicare Monday: Open enrollment ends December 7! Last call to shop around

By Ashley Flint  |    November 28, 2016
This year’s Medicare open enrollment period is quickly coming to a close on December 7. Throughout the fall, we’ve shared resources for reviewing your plan options and making a selection and reviewed...   Read More

Medicare Monday: It’s important to shop around, even if your premium is decreasing next year

By Ashley Flint  |    November 14, 2016
During this year’s open enrollment period, which runs from October 15 to December 7, we’ve shared tools and resources to help you make your plan selection and discussed the benefits of switching plans   Read More

Medicare Monday: The importance of shopping around for your Part D plan this Thanksgiving

By Ashley Flint  |    November 23, 2015
We’ve spent some time talking about the importance of shopping around during Part D open enrollment, which is currently underway until December 7th, 2015. Existing Part D plan coverage and individual...   Read More

Medicare Monday: New hepatitis C treatments in Medicare

By Ashley Flint  |    November 2, 2015
America’s innovative biopharmaceutical companies are committed to researching and developing treatments that help patients live longer, healthier lives. In recent years new treatments for hepatitis C...   Read More

Helping Medicare patients manage chronic conditions

By Ashley Flint  |    October 21, 2015
For patients living with multiple chronic conditions, managing medications can be a challenge. That’s why Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in Medicare Part D is offered to certain eligible...   Read More

Medicare Monday: What goes into Part D premiums?

By Ashley Flint  |    October 19, 2015
You’ve heard us talk before about Part D premiums. Check out our 4 things to know about the 2016 Part D premium announcement here. And with the annual open enrollment period now underway, it is...   Read More

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