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Cynthia Hicks

Cynthia Hicks is Director of Public Affairs at PhRMA focusing on polling and opinion research that supports advocacy communications and strategy. Prior to joining PhRMA, Cynthia worked as a consultant, marketer, and head of polling for a civic technology company where her work supported issue advocacy organizations and policy makers on both sides of the aisle. Cynthia is a proud Los Angeles native and outside of the office she enjoys an early morning HIIT workout and spending time with friends and family.

Recent Posts

Navigating the patient experience in the time of COVID-19

By Cynthia Hicks  |    December 6, 2021
According to our inaugural Patient Experience Survey, the pandemic has created new access and affordability barriers to care, exacerbating the health care concerns of Americans and their families.   Read More

Insurance design barriers can impact patient adherence and can lead to poor health outcomes

By Cynthia Hicks  |    November 23, 2021
According to our inaugural Patient Experience Survey (PES), insurance design can jeopardize patients’ health due to access barriers to medicines.     Read More

The patient experience: Out-of-pocket costs are driving patients affordability and access challenges

By Cynthia Hicks  |    October 19, 2021
For too many Americans, simply having health insurance isn’t enough to afford and access the care they need. Our inaugural Patient Experience Survey (PES) reveals how rising out-of-pocket costs...   Read More

New poll shows Americans reject Medicare negotiation once they learn more about the policy

By Cynthia Hicks  |    October 15, 2021
As the debate in Washington around drug pricing proposals continues to intensify, a new Ipsos/PhRMA poll shows Medicare “negotiation” is not nearly as popular as some might suggest. Survey...   Read More

Data show voters want bipartisan approach to tackling health care affordability and coverage issues

By Cynthia Hicks  |    August 11, 2021
While the debate to address health care affordability intensifies on Capitol Hill, Americans across political parties agree on a path forward: reduce health care costs broadly and help Americans...   Read More

New polling shows Americans are sounding the alarm on the TRIPS IP waiver

By Cynthia Hicks  |    May 14, 2021
Last week, the Biden administration announced support for a waiver of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement, which could lead...   Read More

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