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Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall

Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall During her 35-year career in medicine, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall has been on the frontlines of health care as a clinician, researcher, and leader in the biopharmaceuticals and life sciences industries. An award-winning advocate for health equity and improved outcomes for all patients, she provides advice and consumer health information on national programs such as "Dr. Phil," and "The Doctors," and is a regular speaker making dozens of appearances a year at consumer and health care conferences.

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PhRMA member companies share how they are improving clinical trial diversity

By Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall  |    April 14, 2021
As part of the biopharmaceutical industry’s efforts to improve health outcomes for patients in underserved communities, PhRMA member companies are identifying ways to improve clinical trial diversity...   Read More

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