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Eileen Cannon

Eileen Cannon Eileen is the former president of the PhRMA Foundation. After 22 years leading the Foundation, she retired in October 2021.

Recent Posts

Safe and effective prescribing: A new and important initiative from the PhRMA Foundation

By Eileen Cannon  |    September 26, 2018
Safe and effective prescribing is a critically important part of the equation for successful medical treatment in today’s health care system. Yet data from the Association of American Colleges cites...   Read More

PhRMA Foundation recognizes inaugural Challenge Award recipients

By Eileen Cannon  |    October 6, 2017
Last month, the PhRMA Foundation announced the recipients of the inaugural Challenge Awards at Morning Consult. These awards recognize the best and the brightest that are identifying transformative...   Read More

PhRMA Foundation: 2015 in review

By Eileen Cannon  |    July 25, 2016
For the past 50 years, the PhRMA Foundation has had the opportunity to support young scientists across numerous disciplines through grants and fellowships. In looking back through the years, and 2015...   Read More

5 facts about the PhRMA Foundation

By Eileen Cannon  |    March 1, 2016
As the PhRMA Foundation celebrates its 50th year, here are five facts about the PhRMA Foundation and its work to support young pharmaceutical scientists across the United States. For young...   Read More

PhRMA Foundation celebrates 50 years launching scientific careers

By Eileen Cannon  |    November 18, 2015
This November, we are pleased to be celebrating the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) Foundation’s 50th anniversary, commemorating five decades of jumpstarting the careers...   Read More

PhRMA Foundation Launches New Web Platform

By Eileen Cannon  |    February 18, 2015
For 50 years, the PhRMA Foundation has supported young scientists in their efforts to pursue careers in research and education that will ultimately lead to improved care and treatment options for...   Read More

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