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Emma Van Hook

Emma Van Hook Emma Van Hook is a director of Policy & Research at PhRMA focusing on the promise of the biopharmaceutical pipeline, the value of medicines, the R&D process, and personalized medicine.

Recent Posts

ICYMI – Survey underscores daily burden of migraines

By Emma Van Hook  |    March 5, 2018
A new survey reveals the painful and disruptive reality of migraine for many patients, with many patients living with pain for nearly half of every month. The survey paints a picture of the extensive...   Read More

Record number of personalized medicines approved in 2017

By Emma Van Hook  |    February 1, 2018
We are in an exciting time in biomedical innovation, as rapid scientific and technological advances are leading to new ways of preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease. Nothing illustrates the...   Read More

Innovation comes in many forms, including new and expanded uses of existing medicines

By Emma Van Hook  |    January 29, 2018
2017 was a record-breaking year for new drug approvals, with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approving 56 new drugs and biologics. But the innovation did not stop there. As the FDA...   Read More

Driving innovation through collaboration

By Emma Van Hook  |    April 17, 2017
A new report from Deloitte examines the changing landscape of biopharmaceutical research, as stakeholders across the R&D ecosystem are increasingly coming together to tackle sciences’ most vexing...   Read More

Working together to combat global Zika threat

By Emma Van Hook  |    August 4, 2016
The Zika virus is top of mind as the 2016 Summer Olympic Games get underway tomorrow in Rio. While once thought to be confined to limited areas of Africa, Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands, the...   Read More

New report: Decade of breakthroughs in cancer

By Emma Van Hook  |    June 2, 2016
The pace of science is yielding remarkable innovation for cancer patients as we learn more about the underlying factors driving the spread and growth of cancer. These advances are opening new doors...   Read More

2015: A banner year for personalized medicine

By Emma Van Hook  |    January 22, 2016
2015 was a record year for personalized medicine approvals, according to a new analysis  from the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). This news confirms the growing role of personalized medicine...   Read More

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Researching and Developing a New Medicine

By Emma Van Hook  |    September 2, 2015
Unless you work in biopharmaceutical research and development (R&D), chances are the process of developing new medicines seems like a black box. It is hard to imagine how researchers go from an...   Read More

ICYMI: New Report on Benefits of Cancer Medicines That Emerge After FDA Approval

By Emma Van Hook  |    July 1, 2015
In case you missed it, Boston Healthcare Associates recently published a report examining how additional benefits of cancer medicines emerge over time through ongoing research after initial approval...   Read More

ICYMI: The Importance of Enrolling in Clinical Trials

By Emma Van Hook  |    June 26, 2015
Clinical trials are a crucial step in the long and costly process of researching and developing a new medicine to address substantial unmet medical needs in such areas as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and...   Read More

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