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Hannah Mooney Mack

Hannah Mooney Mack Hannah is a former Director of Public Affairs at PhRMA, managing the creative development and design of PhRMA-branded campaigns through paid, earned, and digital/social campaigns.

Recent Posts

PPA: Spread the word

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    July 6, 2016
Chances are you’ve heard a friend or loved one talk about their difficulty with affordable access to their medicines at the pharmacy. Maybe even you have struggled yourself. But the Partnership...   Read More

Celebrating tremendous advances in HIV/AIDS on National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    April 11, 2016
Yesterday was National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, an opportunity to educate on the impact of HIV and AIDS and to recognize advances in science that have brought hope to Americans. Thankfully,...   Read More

Celebrating brighter futures and healthier hearts during American Heart Month

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    February 10, 2016
This weekend on Valentine’s Day, we take time to celebrate our friends, family and significant others with acts of love and attention. But we also have the opportunity during American Heart Month...   Read More

Bringing innovation to light during Lung Cancer Awareness Month

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    November 23, 2015
Lung Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to celebrate the stories of survivors, raise awareness about the leading cause of cancer death and continue the search for innovative new treatments...   Read More

Highlighting advances in science during Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    October 27, 2015
Breast Cancer Awareness Month is an opportunity to unite as a community to honor breast cancer survivors and raise awareness about progress researchers and clinicians have made in advancing...   Read More

Highlighting innovation during Mental Illness Awareness Week 2015

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    October 6, 2015
Each year, during the first full week of October, organizations across the country work to raise awareness for mental health disorders to educate the public, fight stigma and provide support....   Read More

Celebrating cardiovascular health on World Heart Day 2015

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    September 29, 2015
Today, we celebrate more heartbeats with World Heart Day. With a focus on cardiovascular disease and the promoting of healthier heart hygiene, World Heart Day is an opportunity to acknowledge...   Read More

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