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Mark Grayson

Mark Grayson Mark Grayson is a former deputy vice president of public affairs at PhRMA focusing on intellectual property, trade and international issues.

Recent Posts

Fact Check Friday: The truth about biopharmaceutical patents

By Mark Grayson  |    August 26, 2016
MYTH: Biopharmaceutical companies use government-protected monopolies to raise costs on medicines. FACT: Patent-protected medicines routinely face competition from other brand name medicines, which...   Read More

The next step towards Colombia’s future

By Mark Grayson  |    July 6, 2016
Just a few weeks ago in Havana, Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos and Commander of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia or FARC, Timoleon Jimenez, made history when they signed a peace...   Read More

Canada’s innovation challenge

By Mark Grayson  |    June 9, 2016
Canada is well-respected as a global leader. While no country is free of problems, Canada enjoys a strong economy, largely happy and healthy citizens and strong alliances with nations throughout the...   Read More

Canada’s promise doctrine strikes again

By Mark Grayson  |    May 26, 2016
In just the last few weeks Canada has once again taken steps to invalidate yet another medicine (Zymar®) by applying the “promise doctrine.” See Allergan Inc. v. Apotex Inc., 2016 FC 344 (April 1,...   Read More

Strong IP is propelling innovation and saving lives

By Mark Grayson  |    May 5, 2016
Each day, new medicines are being researched and developed that save lives and improve patients’ quality of life. As the global epicenter of life science innovation and technological breakthroughs,...   Read More

World IP Day: Celebrating the protections that allow innovation to thrive

By Mark Grayson  |    April 26, 2016
Today is World Intellectual Property Day, a celebration across the globe of the protections that allow creativity, risk-taking and innovation to thrive. America has long been the world’s innovation...   Read More

ITIF report shows how Canada’s IP system is falling behind

By Mark Grayson  |    April 20, 2016
Over the last two and a half decades the world’s life expectancy has grown from 65 to 71 years. This life-changing advance is due in no small part to the creation of new drugs, therapies and...   Read More

India denies patent on novel HIV/AIDS medicine

By Mark Grayson  |    April 14, 2016
In 2014, several months after Prime Minister Modi took office, he announced an ambitious initiative called “Make in India.” The goal was to encourage foreign and domestic companies to manufacture...   Read More

Time for Canada to catch up on intellectual property

By Mark Grayson  |    February 18, 2016
Last week, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center (GIPC) released its fourth annual International IP Index. The Index, which measures the intellectual property (IP)...   Read More

Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act will strengthen IP enforcement

By Mark Grayson  |    December 11, 2015
This week, a conference committee reported out H.R. 644, the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015.  This bill will provide much needed tools for the Customs and Border Control (CBP)...   Read More

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