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Protecting Patients From Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 13, 2011
There was a recent article on MarketWatch that caught my eye because it really broke down the issue of counterfeiting and the dangers that rogue online pharmacy sites pose to patient health and...   Read More

Foreign Sourced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients vs. Imported Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 12, 2011
In a 60 Minutes segment airing tonight, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg admits that there are rare instances of counterfeit medicines seeping into the closed U.S drug...   Read More

The Earthquake in Japan Reminds Us All to be Prepared

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 11, 2011
We live in a global community. Watching the terrible toll of the earthquake in Japan today really brings that home. Needless to say, my thoughts and prayers - like everyone's at PhRMA -- go out to...   Read More

Cancer Victims? Try Cancer Survivors

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 11, 2011
Yesterday on CNN, anchor Ali Velshi @alivelshi referred to the medical innovations that save American lives every day. That was still ringing in my ears when I came across an article about a new study...   Read More

Together, Raising Awareness of the Toll of Chronic Disease

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 10, 2011
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced it will make $100 million available to states so that they can offer incentives to Medicaid enrollees who adopt healthy...   Read More

Ours is a Global Community

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 10, 2011
Yesterday PhRMA was honored to be recognized by The Rotary Foundation for our support of their work on polio eradication and health check-up and screening camps.   Read More

New Medicines - the Long Path to Approval

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 10, 2011
Lupus is a chronic, painful autoimmune deficiency afflicting somewhere around 1.5 million Americans. For the first time in 50 years, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new treatment for the...   Read More

Rare Disease Day Should Last All Year

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 9, 2011
Check out the Huffington Post blog by PhRMA President & CEO John Castellani and Gregg LaPointe, CEO of Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc. They look at some of the unique research hurdles in the search...   Read More

Diabetes in the News

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 9, 2011
A story in Medical News Today points out where the greatest incidences of diabetes are in the U.S. It paints a telling demographic picture of diabetes and how it is increasingly a major health issue....   Read More

A Big Step Forward in Patent Reform

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 9, 2011
Last night, after weeks of debate and years of work and dialogue, the Senate passed Senator Patrick Leahy's patent reform bill.Of course, the work still isn't done. Hopefully, in the coming weeks,...   Read More

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