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Rachel Licata

Rachel Licata Rachel is a former senior director of policy and research at PhRMA focusing on the Affordable Care Act and other public programs.

Recent Posts

340B Spotlight: Trends in shifting site of care

By Rachel Licata  |    September 21, 2016
Research has shown once health care services shift from a provider’s office to a hospital, treatment costs for payers and patients increase. One way hospitals drive this site of care shift is through...   Read More

Local Impact: State-by-state Medicaid spending on prescription medicines

By Rachel Licata  |    December 16, 2015
We’ve talked before about how prescription medicines comprise a small share of Medicaid spending. In recent years new life-changing, innovative medicines have come to market to help patients live...   Read More

340B Spotlight: ICYMI – New study on hospital-physician practice consolidation

By Rachel Licata  |    November 3, 2015
In case you missed it, a recent study in JAMA Internal Medicine, “Association of Financial Integration Between Physicians and Hospitals with Commercial Health Care Prices,” looked at the spending and...   Read More

ICYMI: Higher out-of-pocket costs in health insurance exchange plans compared to employer plans for patients managing chronic conditions

By Rachel Licata  |    October 7, 2015
A recent study published in Health Affairs took a look at estimated out-of-pocket expenses for individuals living with chronic conditions if they switched from average employer-sponsored plans to a...   Read More

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