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Ryan Garofalo

Ryan Garofalo is Senior Director, Advocacy & Strategic Alliances at PhRMA, with focused efforts on the We Work For Health coalition and managing the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association (PILMA). Prior to PhRMA, he spent time running campaigns on healthcare, education, and energy issues. A proud native of central New Jersey, outside of the office Ryan enjoys a quiet afternoon on the golf course and coming home to chase down his 15 month old son.

Recent Posts

We Work for Health: Discovering champions, even amid challenging times

By Ryan Garofalo  |    July 26, 2021
For over a decade, We Work For Health has sought to highlight the incredible men and women who create hope for patients, serve as changemakers and ensure the continued vibrancy of our economy. We are...   Read More

Beyond output and employment: The impact of America’s biopharmaceutical industry

By Ryan Garofalo  |    February 11, 2021
Particularly in recent times, biopharmaceutical companies have become increasingly important to the American economy. But just how valuable are they? In the United States, these businesses support...   Read More

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