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Samantha Hinkle

Samantha Hinkle is Senior Manager, Policy and Research at PhRMA where she is responsible for developing policy analysis and research studies on a range of issues impacting innovative biopharmaceutical companies including intellectual property issues, FDA policy issues, the R&D process, and the value of innovation. Prior to PhRMA, Samantha worked at Pfizer for four years in government and corporate affairs and spent four years working in non-profit consulting. Samantha came to Washington, DC via New York where she received her MPA from New York University.

Recent Posts

Biopharmaceutical research and development has ushered in a decade of innovation in rare disease

By Samantha Hinkle  |    February 28, 2022
This year on Rare Disease Day, we join families and communities around the world building awareness around rare diseases and encouraging patients to share their stories.   Read More

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