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Sarah Ryan

Sarah Ryan Sarah is a senior manager of public affairs at PhRMA focusing on communications strategies and activities for the organization’s state advocacy priorities. Prior to joining PhRMA, Sarah worked in public affairs at the U.S. Department of Justice. Outside of the office, Sarah can be found running, trying new recipes and cheering on the N.C. State Wolfpack.

Recent Posts

Insulin: Key Facts on Access & Affordability

By Sarah Ryan  |    May 10, 2023
Today, the U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) will examine the cost of insulin and how to make this lifesaving medicine more affordable for patients. The nation’s...   Read More

4 key facts on medicine prices and spending

By Sarah Ryan  |    May 9, 2023
This week, policymakers on Capitol Hill will continue to discuss the cost of lifesaving medicines and how to make them more affordable for Americans. It’s an important discussion that the...   Read More

Three facts about health care spending

By Sarah Ryan  |    April 25, 2023
There is increasing talk about making changes to our health care system to lower costs for patients and address misaligned incentives. These are important conversations that could lead to meaningful...   Read More

Prescription drug prices are not fueling inflation

By Sarah Ryan  |    July 6, 2022
Inflation is causing pain for people across the country. As policymakers search for ways to help provide relief, some are erroneously tying inflation to prescription medicines. To make matters worse,...   Read More

What they are saying: Government price setting for medicines is not the answer

By Sarah Ryan  |    November 4, 2021
America’s biopharmaceutical companies continue to voice the dangers of current proposals in Washington that would allow the government to set prices for medicines. While it’s being called government...   Read More

PhRMA’s Lori Reilly joined CSG to discuss the industry’s response to COVID-19 and what it means for states

By Sarah Ryan  |    July 13, 2020
Recently, Lori Reilly, Chief Operating Officer at PhRMA, participated in a podcast with the Council of State Governments (CSG) to discuss the important work the biopharmaceutical industry is doing to...   Read More

New report: Biopharmaceutical industry supports over 4 million jobs and $1.1 trillion in U.S. economic output

By Sarah Ryan  |    February 12, 2020
Across the country, the biopharmaceutical sector supports millions of jobs in its pursuit to discover ground-breaking treatments and cures for patients around the world.   Read More

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