Biopharmaceutical Companies Recognized as Meaningful Places to Work

John Tunnell
John Tunnell May 22, 2015

Biopharmaceutical Companies Recognized as Meaningful Places to Work.

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Loretta-is-living-with-lung-cancerLoretta was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer 12 years ago - but thanks to medical breakthroughs and innovative medicines, she is living a happy, active life today.

Matt was given a five percent chance of living five more years when diagnosed with advanced non-small cell lung cancer - but advances in cancer research changed his prognosis and now he trains for half-marathons.

Stories like these provide the inspiration and motivation for biopharmaceutical researchers to continue to look for tomorrow’s cures.

But it’s not just the scientists and researchers who contribute to important innovation. The entire network of employees at biopharmaceutical companies contribute to helping patients live healthier, longer lives.

It’s no surprise that a recent study from PayScale and Business Insider ranked many of our member companies in the “50 best companies to work for in America 2015.”

According to Business Insider the scores were calculated considering “high job satisfaction, low job stress, ability to telecommute, high job meaning, experienced median pay/total cash compensation, and salary delta.”

It’s meaningful work to bring new treatment options to Loretta and Matt, and countless others across the world.

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