Biopharmaceutical Innovation: Antibody drug conjugates

Andrew Powaleny
Andrew Powaleny February 29, 2016

Biopharmaceutical Innovation: Antibody drug conjugates.

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Antibody_Drug_Conjugates.pngImagine new medicines that effectively fight cancer, but may result in fewer side effects thanks to more accurate targeting of tumor cells. Today, PhRMA released a new video that highlights these promising new therapies called antibody drug conjugates, or ADCs.

Currently being investigated by several of our member companies, including Pfizer, these medicines may be more effective in targeting and destroying tumors when used in combination with current therapies, such as chemotherapy. ADCs represent a continuing shift in the cancer treatment landscape toward personalized medicines that more accurately attack specific targets fueling cancer cell growth while leaving more healthy cells unharmed. 

“You can think of them as smart bombs, basically. Precision weapons against cancer,” says Pfizer’s senior vice president & group leader, oncology, Dr. Robert Abraham, in a testimonial during the video.

This is an exciting time in science, and ADCs are just one example of how biopharmaceutical companies are taking the lead in medical discovery that is helping patients live longer, healthier lives. Currently, more than 800 medicines and vaccines are in development to combat cancer – including ADCs, which may provide patients the same level of benefits of standard chemotherapy without some of the side effects that often accompany such treatments.

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