Burden on Patients: Access to Medicines in Exchange Plans

Allyson Funk
Allyson Funk June 17, 2015

Burden on Patients: Access to Medicines in Exchange Plans.

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Access to prescription medicines is a critical component of health care coverage, particularly for patients living with and managing chronic conditions. In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting the barriers to access many patients with health insurance exchange coverage face in accessing necessary treatments. Each post will feature new research analyzing 2015 silver plans home-logoand what access to medicines for patients with a number of chronic conditions looks like.

Look back at the picture of access in 2014 for mental health, RA, oncology, asthma, diabetes, MS and HIV/AIDS here.

Some access barriers highlighted include:

Fact sheets will also highlight some of the differences across states.

We’ll be taking a deeper dive over the coming weeks, starting tomorrow with a look at access to mental health medicines and a Q&A with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Learn more at AccessBetterCoverage.org, follow us on Twitter @ABCs of Coverage or subscribe email to updates here. Check out the 2015 Burden on Patients series posts highlighted below:

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