Diabetes in the News

PhRMA Staff
PhRMA Staff March 9, 2011
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A story in Medical News Today points out where the greatest incidences of diabetes are in the U.S. It paints a telling demographic picture of diabetes and how it is increasingly a major health issue. But it also keeps us coming back to a topic we talk about frequently - the cost of chronic conditions like diabetes to both patients and the economy. If you've not already visited, take a look at the website for the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease for more information about the effort to prevent and treat chronic diseases and why it is so important to patients, their health and our economy.

Also, because diabetes is such a growing problem, it is worth remembering that America's biopharmaceutical research companies are today developing new medicines to fight diabetes and related conditions and that are now being tested or under FDA review for approval.

Oh, and also check out this clip from yesterday morning's Today Show, a interesting report on some of the dangers when medicines are not appropriately used.

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