Exploring the new era of medicine

Bill Chin, M.D.
Bill Chin, M.D. February 21, 2017

Exploring the new era of medicine.

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billchinportraitcrop.jpgWe are in a new era of medicine where innovations are transforming our ability to attack the cause of disease, not just the symptoms. Where treatment decisions are increasingly focused on the needs of the individual patient and where science fiction is now becoming a reality.

Today, innovation is all around us as evidenced by the more than 140,000 biopharmaceutical researchers and scientists working on new treatments and cures for patients.

Today, 74 percent of medicines under development are potentially first in class treatments. This includes, 822 projects – defined as unique molecule-indication combinations – are designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as orphan drugs, which is critically important given only 5 percent of rare diseases have an approved medicine. And a range of novel scientific approaches are being pursued, including cell and gene therapies, DNA and RNA therapeutics and conjugated monoclonal antibodies.

Increasingly, collaboration among policymakers, stakeholders, scientists and others is imperative to making sure the health care system is more responsive to the needs of patients. Putting the patient at the center of these discussions is just as important as having our researchers at the forefront of science.

Today, to further this conversation, and ensure that voices across the health care system are being heard, PhRMA will hold its first national health care dialogue series on the new era of medicine as part of the GOBOLDLY™ campaign in Boston, Massachusetts. Hosted by The Atlantic and underwritten by America’s biopharmaceutical companies, the event features three panel discussions focused on breakthroughs in modern medicine and the investments needed for future innovation. The GOBOLDLY™ national dialogue events and programming include a cross-section of industry stakeholders and health care thought leaders, including world-renowned scientists, researchers and other experts.


This event, and the series of events to follow, will convene leading voices to explore the state of modern medicine and the science that has revolutionized treatment options. It will also examine the role of personalized medicine and how new treatments can be made more accessible to patients.

The program will be streamed live on www.TheAtlantic.com from 8:30 - 10:30 am ET, and those interested can join the conversation on Twitter with #AtlanticMedicine and #GoBoldy.

To learn more about the positive impact of the work being done by America’s biopharmaceutical companies, visit www.innovation.org.  

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