How Manufacturing Advances Can Help Make Medicines More Effective

Tim McClung
Tim McClung May 26, 2015

How Manufacturing Advances Can Help Make Medicines More Effective.

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When we think about innovation in medicine development, we often don’t picture assembly lines or the industrial manufacturing methods that create the tablets, capsules, injectables or I.V. solutions which help patients live healthier, more productive lives. 

A new report from Deloitte analyzes recent trends in manufacturing technology innovation, providing new information on how new technologies over the past decade are positively impacting the ability of the biopharmaceutical industry to create new medicines and therapies.

The making of medicines requires significant investment in building high-tech production facilities and equipment that has become central to the ability of manufacturers to align with advances in research and development.

Catalyst_Promo4“Advanced Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: An Evolution Underway” looks at how manufacturing processes are progressing to produce new medicines using the most efficient and advanced methods available. Through investments in continuous manufacturing, new tools to improve process robustness and product quality, single-use systems to reduce production lead times and other areas of technology innovation, biopharmaceutical manufacturers are transforming how our medicines are made.

Emerging technologies result in the need for a highly skilled and vigorously trained workforce, increased collaboration among stakeholders, including research universities and production equipment engineers, as well as gaining an understanding of the ecosystem in production locations. The investments made by manufacturers result in new treatments for the most complex and even rare diseases that can be developed faster than ever before, and are ushering in the age of personalized medicine.

In a mini-series on the report, we’ll take an in-depth look at trends spurring the new wave of technology development, new manufacturing processes, and most importantly, how these advances can help our society and patients lead healthier, more productive lives. Be sure to check back in coming weeks as we explore these topics and please share with us what you found most interesting about this report and how biopharmaceutical manufacturing is revolutionizing the process of making new medicines.

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