In Case You Missed It: Progress and Promise in Alzheimer’s Research

Tina Stow
Tina Stow July 15, 2015

In Case You Missed It: Progress and Promise in Alzheimer’s Research.

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Catalyst_Promo4PhRMA recently convened a panel of health care experts for a live webcast discussion about the current state of research to treat and care for Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Bill Chin of PhRMA moderated the panel and was joined by Robert J. Egge, chief public policy officer of the Alzheimer’s Association; Sue Peschin, president and chief executive officer of the Alliance for Aging Research and George A. Scangos, chief executive officer of Biogen.

The experts spoke of the importance of engaging in an open dialogue with patients and caregivers to ensure their concerns and hopes for new treatments are being addressed in the research and development process. They also cited clinical trials as a key area of focus to better develop tools to diagnose Alzheimer’s and highlighted the need for volunteers.

As noted in PhRMA’s new report, Researching Alzheimer’s Medicines: From Setbacks to Stepping Stones, collaboration between advocates, academia, industry and government is critical. No single organization can tackle the disease alone, but with continued investment in science and determination to learn about the disease, progress will be made to improve patients’ lives.

In case you missed the live discussion, participants convened a corresponding conversation online using #Alz15. Take a look here and be sure to check out the new report on the progress and promise of Alzheimer’s research.

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