In the OECD other health care services will be ten times prescription medicine spending growth over next decade

Kevin Haninger
Kevin Haninger June 14, 2017


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Now more than ever, innovative therapies are transforming care and providing cures for patients fighting life-threatening diseases.  In the midst of this medical progress, other health care expenditures such as inpatient care, long-term care and administration, have grown much faster than prescription medicine expenditures. Across OECD countries, other health care services will grow by $23.5 trillion over the next decade, compared to $2.2 trillion for prescription medicines.

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Prescription medicines are often the most cost-effective means of preventing and treating disease, and they help patients avoid hospitalizations and other costly health care services.

In fact, cost containment is built into the pharmaceutical life cycle as competition occurs and as generics eventually enter the market. In contrast, many other health care services become more expensive over time.

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