Lessons learned: Clinical trials

Andrew Powaleny
Andrew Powaleny May 9, 2016

Lessons learned: Clinical trials.

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A dynamic and collaborative health care ecosystem is crucial to conducting efficient and effective clinical trials, but two-thirds of trials fail to enroll enough participants. Misconceptions and a lack of awareness about this important research often keep people from participating. That’s why we recognized Clinical Trials Awareness Week – to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes of clinical trials, including patients and researchers, like Nina and Abbe, who each shared their take on the clinical trial process with us.

Last Thursday, PhRMA joined hundreds of organizations and individuals during this observance to thank these heroes and raise awareness about the critical need for increased participation in clinical trials. A wealth of insights and unique perspectives were shared, demonstrating the importance of involving all stakeholders to educate and empower people to learn more about whether participation in a clinical trial is right for them. From demystifying the process to providing tools to help locate a trial, physicians, researchers, clinical trial participants, advocacy groups and many others raised awareness about clinical trial participation.

Special thanks to our panelists for sharing their insights with us:

America’s biopharmaceutical research companies are committed to increasing awareness about clinical trials. See what they had to say during our Clinical Trials Awareness Week.


While Clinical Trials Awareness Week may be over, the need to spread the word about the importance of clinical trials never fades. Get the facts about how America's biopharmaceutical companies are designing new ways to conduct clinical trials to increase efficiency and bring medicines to patients faster. Learn more here.

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