Matt and Jamie share their stories in new “From Hope to Cures” ads

Ieva M. Augstums
Ieva M. Augstums April 18, 2016

Matt and Jamie share their stories in new “From Hope to Cures” ads.

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For Matt, today is a great day to be alive. And if you ask him why today is possible for him and why tomorrow is possible, too, he will tell you: Innovative medicines saved his life. When he was diagnosed with advanced non-small lung cancer, he was given a slim chance of living five more years. But let him tell you what it’s like to be alive and thriving nearly seven years later – and why.

Jamie, a vibrant woman diagnosed with a rare blood cancer 15 years ago is thriving today thanks to advancements in treatments. Watching her son grow up was a primary focus for her, and she’s been able to do that and so much more with her family in Florida. She continues to maintain her sense of humor and to impart an infectious joy on those who meet her, thanks to new medicines.


Thanks to the perseverance of biopharmaceutical researchers and scientists, patients like Matt and Jamie continue to live longer, healthier lives. And while these patients, with millions of other Americans, fight daily for their health, the biopharmaceutical industry continues to fight to develop treatments and cures that bring hope for brighter futures for patients and families.

These examples of hope and courage are only a few of the tremendous stories highlighted in PhRMA’s 2016 “From Hope to Cures” advertising campaign. This campaign highlights the value biopharmaceutical innovation provides to patients, society and the economy. In addition to sharing real stories from patients and researchers, the campaign highlights data and information on fighting diseases, clinical trials and the economic contributions of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Highlighting the innovation and promise of medicines in development is critical to fostering the development of tomorrow’s treatments and cures. Explore PatientsScienceHealth Care and Economy to better understand the ecosystem of innovation in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Learn more about the campaign and view the advertisements at www.fromhopetocures.org/about.

View the campaign’s multimedia news release here: http://www.multivu.com/players/English/7738431-phrma-from-hope-to-cures/  

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