Medicare Monday: Drug coverage before and after Medicare Part D

Allyson Funk
Allyson Funk January 25, 2016

Medicare Monday: Drug coverage before and after Medicare Part D.

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MedMon_Catalyst_Banner-4.jpgA couple of weeks ago, we talked about the success of the Medicare prescription drug program 10 years after its implementation, and over the coming weeks, we’ll continue to look at coverage before and after the program.

One example is how the implementation of Part D expanded coverage to millions of seniors who previously didn’t have access to comprehensive drug coverage. As a result of Medicare Part D, 9 in 10 Medicare beneficiaries have comprehensive drug coverage compared to fewer than 6 in 10 before Part D was implemented.


Without access to comprehensive coverage, many seniors faced challenges managing chronic conditions and avoiding complications. Today, nearly 40 million seniors and people living with disabilities benefit from the Part D program and numerous surveys have found 90 percent or more are satisfied with their coverage.

tn_MedMon.jpgLearn more about Medicare Part D at PhRMA.org/PartD.

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