Medicare Monday: Majority of Part D prescriptions are generics

Nicole Longo
Nicole Longo August 8, 2016


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In 2005, seniors used generic medicines only 54 percent of the time. Meanwhile, in 2015, the generic utilization rate was about 86 percent. What changed between 2005 and 2015? What program was implemented 10 years ago that has led to a steady increase in generic utilization? You guessed it – Medicare Part D.


According to the recently released Medicare Trustees report, the generic utilization rate for Part D beneficiaries has steadily increased each year, from 84 percent in 2013 to 85 percent in 2014 and to 86 percent in 2015.

Over the years, the Part D program continues to ensure America’s seniors have access to the medications they need through affordable prescription drug coverage while maintaining relatively stable monthly premiums (as we highlighted last week). Talk about a success story.

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