New Chart Pack: Advancing Innovative Treatment Options for Patients Through Personalized Medicine

Emma Van Hook
Emma Van Hook June 4, 2015

New Chart Pack: Advancing Innovative Treatment Options for Patients Through Personalized Medicine.

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We’re at a remarkable time in medicine, where the rapid pace of science is enabling researchers to make tremendous advances against some of the most devastating diseases. One of the most promising fields, personalized medicine (sometimes referred to as precision or individualized medicine), capitalizes on emerging scientific advances by using diagnostic tools to identify specific biological markers that can help direct prevention and treatment options for patients.

Our new chart pack - Value of Personalized Medicine - explores some of the exciting advances we’ve seen in personalized medicine in recent years and how these advances are impacting patients.

Through the use of personalized medicine, doctors are able to make more tailored treatment Scientist_Imagedecisions that lead to better patient outcomes. In several forms of cancer, for example, targeted therapies are driving survival rates higher and improving patients’ quality of life.

This progress is the result of scientific advances building on each other over time, fueled by a growing understanding of genetics and the molecular underpinnings of disease.

The pharmaceutical industry has long been at the forefront of personalized medicine and is committed to advancing continued innovation in targeted therapies. There are nearly 140 FDA-approved medicines on the market with biomarker information in the label, and in 2014 alone 1 in 5 FDA approvals were for personalized medicines.

A recent survey by the Tufts Center for the Study for Drug Development (CSDD), revealed that 42% of new medicines in the industry’s pipeline have the potential to be personalized medicines, and for cancer medicines that number is even greater – 73% of cancer medicines Innovation_Hub_Graphichave the potential to be personalized medicines.

PhRMA’s member companies are working hard to bring new targeted therapies to patients. Check out our new chart pack and learn more about the value and impact of personalized medicines.

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