A New World of Medicine: New GOBOLDLY ads showcase groundbreaking scientific advancements

Robert Zirkelbach
Robert Zirkelbach May 15, 2017

A New World of Medicine: New GOBOLDLY ads showcase groundbreaking scientific advancements.

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Today, we released the latest chapter of GOBOLDLY™ advertising titled New World, featuring the extraordinary breakthroughs in science being discovered by biopharmaceutical researchers.

The TV, print and digital advertisement brings us into a new world of science by highlighting how advances in science enable researchers to attack the causes of disease, not just the symptoms and how medicines once produced for all, are now designed for individual patients. New World will be released in print, digital, and on television today:

Additionally, three ads in the Together series launched on TV today. Together features the stories of researchers developing cutting-edge breakthroughs alongside patients fighting for their lives with the help of biopharmaceutical innovation. One inspiring ad tells the story of Jessica, a cancer researcher turned cancer patient, and Maysoun, a scientist developing new therapies for types of breast cancer resistant to some forms of treatment.

Both New World and Together illustrate the incredible innovation happening in medical science and how industry scientists are changing the way we treat the most complex and debilitating diseases.

The GOBOLDLY advertising campaign also features Do Not Go Gentle, featuring the iconic poem by Dylan Thomas, and Cells, highlighting exciting scientific advances that are happening at the cellular level. 

Check out all of the GOBOLDLY advertisements at www.GoBoldly.com.   

Learn more about the researchers, patients, and breakthroughs in progress at www.innovation.org

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