PhRMA releases 2021 industry profile

Gabby Migliara
Gabby Migliara September 20, 2021

PhRMA releases 2021 industry profile.

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Today, PhRMA released its 2021 Biopharmaceutical Industry Profile, a resource that highlights the latest from the industry on innovation, access and affordability. The Profile has told the story of the biopharmaceutical industry for nearly five decades. It outlines the industry’s principles, highlights PhRMA’s key policy solutions, and provides an advocacy toolkit making the case for a more robust, resilient, affordable and equitable health care system for all.  

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, biopharmaceutical companies have been working around the clock to research and develop therapeutics and vaccines. The industry’s breakthroughs to combat this virus are built on years of research and scientific discovery. To continue fighting COVID-19 and finding treatments and cures for the many diseases patients face, we need a policy and regulatory environment that supports continued research and development investments and increases patient access and affordability. 

In this year’s advocacy toolkit, you’ll find a range of resources on key topics important to the industry today: 

Read the 2021 Industry Profile and Advocacy Toolkit here.

Topics: Research and Development, Policy Solutions