State Leaders See Bioscience as Jobs Engine

PhRMA Staff
PhRMA Staff February 24, 2011
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There was a good and interesting OpEd in yesterday's Indianapolis Star that's worth a look. In a nut shell, it talks about what is happening in Indiana where an alliance of business, labor and public policy leaders are working together to strengthen the bioscience sector in the state. One of the things that the piece recognizes is that the biosciences can be a great engine for creating jobs.

"The life science sector plays a large role in Indiana, with nearly 15,000 direct employees. The bigger story is the larger role that biopharmaceuticals play, with nearly 90,000 jobs supported throughout the state."

Those 90,000 are just some of more than 3 million direct, indirect and induced jobs created by America's biopharmaceutical research companies across America.

Indiana labor, business and policy leaders get it. They understand how this innovative industry can be a leader both in creating great medicines to help fight disease and also in strengthening our states', local and national economy.

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