This is not a special effect: New video shows the destruction of a rogue cell

Robert Zirkelbach
Robert Zirkelbach April 10, 2017


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In the latest video of our Cells series, part of the GOBOLDLY™ campaign, we witness the destruction of a rogue cell that causes rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a disease that affects 1.3 million Americans.

RA is a painful and crippling autoimmune disease that is, simply put, the body’s own immune system attacking the joints. With this disease, normally beneficial immune cells, called B cells and T cells, go “rogue,” attacking joints and causing inflammation and pain.

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a number of advancements in treatments for RA, including a new first-in-class oral medicine offering greater convenience for patients. But researchers at America’s biopharmaceutical companies aren’t stopping there. They are working tirelessly to develop more weapons to combat and destroy these rogue cells, with the hope of one day giving patients the opportunity for a life free of pain.

Learn more about the fight against rheumatoid arthritis at GoBoldly.com and Innovation.org.

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