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Nonprofit hospitals fall short on community benefit, studies show

By Gabby Migliara  |    April 24, 2023
Nonprofit hospitals are supposed to help provide access to crucial treatment and services in our most vulnerable communities. But recent research adds to the mountain of evidence showing nonprofit...   Read More

Why Congress should prioritize fixing the 340B program

By Nicole Longo  |    March 2, 2023
Nearly all Americans nationwide agree: Lowering out-of-pocket costs for health care should be a top priority for policymakers. Luckily, there are commonsense policies Congress could implement to...   Read More

What they are saying: Nonprofit hospitals are gaming the system at the expense of patients

By Gabby Migliara  |    February 21, 2023
There have been some alarming stories uncovered by the media on ways nonprofit hospitals — many of which participate in the 340B drug pricing program — are taking advantage of the system and their...   Read More

ICYMI: PhRMA kicks off the year at the 2023 J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference

By Katie Koziara  |    January 19, 2023
This January, PhRMA joined health care leaders, investors, R&D experts and members of the media at the 2023 J.P. Morgan Health Care Conference in San Francisco, CA. During this week, we discussed...   Read More

340B program continues to drive shift in care to more expensive hospital settings

By Nicole Longo  |    December 15, 2022
Yet another study highlights the unintended consequences of the 340B program, which is increasing costs for patients and the health care system as a whole. In this case, the Berkeley Research Group...   Read More

The 340B program is interfering with the U.S. biosimilars market and impacting patient costs

By Nicole Longo  |    November 21, 2022
Research has shown that 340B hospitals are more likely to prescribe more expensive medicines and significantly mark up the price of medicines. For example, 340B hospitals received nearly five times...   Read More

Three ways 340B is failing vulnerable patients

By Nicole Longo  |    October 20, 2022
The 340B Drug Pricing Program is 30 years old this year, but as The New York Times recently spelled out, the program has become a profit engine for large health systems over the years instead of a...   Read More

If patients aren’t benefiting from the 340B program, who is?

By Nicole Longo  |    October 6, 2022
The 340B Drug Pricing Program was designed to help vulnerable patients improve access to their medicines through manufacturer discounts to specific safety-net, non-profit hospitals and federally...   Read More

New data: The 340B program is driving up costs for patients and our health care system

By Nicole Longo  |    September 15, 2022
Guess what? The 340B program grew, yet again, hitting a whopping $43.9 billion in sales at the discounted 340B price in 2021. But there has not been evidence of corresponding growth in care provided...   Read More

Word of the Month: 340B covered entity

By Nicole Longo  |    August 29, 2022
What is a 340B covered entity?   Read More

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