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New data: The 340B program is driving up costs for patients and our health care system

By Nicole Longo  |    September 15, 2022
Guess what? The 340B program grew, yet again, hitting a whopping $43.9 billion in sales at the discounted 340B price in 2021. But there has not been evidence of corresponding growth in care provided...   Read More

What is a 340B covered entity?

By Nicole Longo  |    August 29, 2022
We are committed to engaging a wide range of audiences and having a dialogue on opportunities to create a better health care system. We believe health literacy can not only help patients make...   Read More

340B program remains second largest federal drug program, yet little solid evidence of benefits to patient

By Nicole Longo  |    June 30, 2022
Over the three decades since Congress created the 340B drug pricing program, we’ve seen massive growth in its size. As a program meant to serve vulnerable patients, this sounds great, right? The...   Read More

Study after study after study: Contract pharmacy expansion not aligned in communities 340B is meant to serve

By Nicole Longo  |    June 24, 2022
Evidence continues to show that 340B hospitals and their contract pharmacies are often not helping patients access their medicines, especially patients in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas....   Read More

New research finds gaps in charity care provided by 340B hospitals

By Nicole Longo  |    June 2, 2022
The 340B program was created to support safety-net clinics and qualifying hospitals by establishing a discounted medicine program funded by biopharmaceutical manufacturers to help vulnerable patients...   Read More

By the numbers: Contract pharmacy participation in the 340B program

By Nicole Longo  |    March 31, 2022
There are many things that set the 340B program apart from other federal prescription drug programs, namely that patients are not the primary beneficiary. While in other programs, patients qualify...   Read More

340B 101: Three charts show the program maximizes hospitals’ bottom line with little consideration for patients

By Nicole Longo  |    February 8, 2022
The 340B program was created 30 years ago to support safety-net clinics and qualifying hospitals by establishing a discounted medicine program funded by biopharmaceutical manufacturers. The aim was...   Read More

New study finds more than half of brand medicine spending goes to the supply chain and others

By Brian Newell  |    January 7, 2022
More than half of total spending on brand medicines went to the supply chain, middlemen and other stakeholders in 2020 according to a new analysis from the Berkeley Research Group (BRG). These new...   Read More

Making medicines more affordable: Preserving safety-net programs like 340B

By Emilie Signora  |    December 17, 2021
Common-sense reforms can help ensure everyone benefits from America’s engine of innovation and receives the care they need and deserve. In this series, we’re taking a closer look at PhRMA’s advocacy...   Read More

Fact Check: Do contract pharmacies help patients access 340B medicines? No.

By Nicole Longo  |    November 2, 2021
Over the years, there has been repeated acknowledgement that the 340B program is often not supporting the patients it was intended to help. (If you need a reminder, check out this piece in the New...   Read More

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