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Strong R&D Investment the Best Bet to Slow Alzheimer’s Growing Threat

By Holly Campbell  |    January 28, 2015
Since the publication of this post, the Alzheimer’s Association released a new report, “Changing the Trajectory of Alzheimer's Disease: How a Treatment by 2025 Saves Lives and Dollars,” that...   Read More

Wanted: A Balanced Discussion on Health Care Costs

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    January 15, 2015
1-26-15 UPDATE: In response to the op-ed referenced below, The New York Times posted a Letter To The Editor from PhRMA President & CEO John Castellani.   Read More

Collaboration Between PhRMA and Scientific American Highlights Biomedical Science

By Bill Chin, M.D.  |    October 20, 2014
Scientific progress is complex, time-consuming and expensive. Researchers continue to broaden our collective understanding of disease with the hope that new findings will lead to advancements that...   Read More

Never Too Late to Plan for Retirement

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 3, 2011
At the breakfast table yesterday, I was reading the New York Times which included a special supplement on retirement. It was full of the kinds of articles that can make a middle aged person panicky...   Read More

Medicines are Part of the Solution

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 24, 2011
Richard Myer, over at Pharma Marketer details some useful facts about the cost of drug development. One of the things that astonished me was the prediction that by 2020 an estimated 52 percent of the...   Read More

The Challenge of Diagnosing Alzheimer's Disease

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 21, 2011
In the short time that we've been blogging, we've already talked about the coming public health catastrophe threatening America from Alzheimer's disease. There was an interesting article in today's ...   Read More

The Coming Alzheimer's Catastrophe

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 10, 2011
Derek Thompson over at The Atlantic had an interesting post on his blog the other day looking at how the growing population of 65 and older is driving communications related and other technologies as...   Read More

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