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Medicare Monday: Part B and biosimilars, part 2

By Kelsey Lang  |    November 30, 2015
Earlier this month, Medicare Monday covered the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) final rule on reimbursement for biosimilars and the implications of using a single billing code to...   Read More

Medicare Monday: Medicare Part B and biosimilars

By Andrew Powaleny  |    November 16, 2015
With the first U.S. biosimilar approved in March of 2015, the pathway created by the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act to bring biosimilars to market for U.S. patients has become a...   Read More

ICYMI: Wall Street Journal and Washington Post Say TPP Should Protect Medical Innovation

By Tina Stow  |    August 11, 2015
In case you missed it, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post editorialized yesterday on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the importance of reaching a trade deal that protects U.S....   Read More

Maintaining Appropriate Incentives for Biopharmaceutical Innovation

By Anne McDonald Pritchett, PhD  |    February 4, 2015
As we enter the second half of the decade, the biopharmaceutical industry’s approach to research and development (R&D) continues to evolve to meet the growing demand for new medicines. New...   Read More

Breaking a Link in the Value Chain

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 22, 2011
Over the weekend, The Boston Globe ran an article that included a turn of phrase that I thought was a keeper: "the whole value chain of innovation."   Read More

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