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How ICER’s assessment of a new class of migraine treatments fails patients

By Lauren Neves  |    July 10, 2018
Over 50 million Americans suffer from migraine and the majority of patients affected by this often debilitating disease are between 25 and 55 years old – the time they are most productive in their...   Read More

Driving innovation through collaboration

By Emma Van Hook  |    April 17, 2017
A new report from Deloitte examines the changing landscape of biopharmaceutical research, as stakeholders across the R&D ecosystem are increasingly coming together to tackle sciences’ most vexing...   Read More

Medicare Monday: How Medicare helps beneficiaries access needed medicines

By Nicole Longo  |    January 23, 2017
Throughout 2016, we looked at how different groups of beneficiaries – from seniors to minority communities to individuals with lower-incomes – rely on Medicare to access their needed prescription...   Read More

Medicare Monday: What a one-size-fits-all treatment means for arthritis patients and quality of life

By Nicole Longo  |    June 13, 2016
As we’ve learned in recent case studies, the specific course of treatment chosen for a patient managing a serious disease can have real implications for their quality of life. Patients and their...   Read More

Medicare Monday: The downside of one-size-fits-all treatment for patients managing mental health conditions

By Nicole Longo  |    May 23, 2016
In the last couple weeks, we’ve compared the potential impact of using one-size-fits-all standards of care instead of personalized treatment plans for patients with breast cancer and colon cancer....   Read More

Medicare Monday: One-size-fits-all treatments are wrong for patients

By Allyson Funk  |    April 25, 2016
The government is proposing dramatic changes to Medicare Part B, including possible cuts to physician reimbursement for many innovative treatments based on the government’s decisions about which...   Read More

The tradeoffs: Personalized treatment vs. one-size-fits-all standards

By Allyson Funk  |    April 1, 2016
What would happen if instead of a personalized treatment plan your doctor used a one-size-fits-all standard of care? A recent government proposal to change Medicare Part B could create barriers to...   Read More

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