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What they are saying: Experts reinforce that TRIPS waiver expansion is harmful and unnecessary

By Megan Van Etten  |    April 13, 2023
At the direction of the U.S. Trade Representative, the U.S. International Trade Commission (USTIC) is investigating the impact of a proposed waiver of intellectual property (IP) protections for...   Read More

PhRMA provides comments and testimony to USITC investigation on COVID-19 medicines and the TRIPS Agreement

By Kevin Haninger  |    March 30, 2023
At the request of the U.S. Trade Representative, the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) is conducting an investigation and will issue an accompanying report concerning the TRIPS Agreement...   Read More

Celebrating the success of the COVID-19 vaccines, and looking to the future

By Michael Ybarra  |    March 27, 2023
It’s been over three years since I saw my first COVID-19 patient in the emergency department. The image of that x-ray is burned into my memory: clusters of white spots spread out across both sides of...   Read More

PhRMA submits comments to OSTP on enhancing clinical trial diversity

By Maria Apostolaros  |    March 21, 2023
The White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) recently solicited stakeholder feedback on the clinical research infrastructure for emergency clinical trials, for which PhRMA...   Read More

What we’ve learned from three years of fighting COVID-19

By Andrew Powaleny  |    March 20, 2023
Three years ago, amidst an unprecedented public health crisis, biopharmaceutical industry made a commitment to fight COVID-19. Leveraging decades of research and investments in emerging technologies...   Read More

U.S. must address IP and market access barriers abroad to protect American innovation

By Ernest Kawka  |    January 31, 2023
PhRMA recently submitted comments to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR)’s 2023 Special 301 Report. The comments highlight foreign government actions and policies that undermine...   Read More

TRIPS waiver expansion risks public health

By Megan Van Etten  |    November 14, 2022
The Biden administration and other World Trade Organization members are considering expanding the harmful and unnecessary waiver of intellectual property (IP) protections under the Agreement on...   Read More

Expanding the WTO intellectual property waiver will hurt American jobs

By Megan Van Etten  |    November 9, 2022
The June decision by WTO members to waive commitments to protect intellectual property (IP) for COVID-19 vaccines under the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement was...   Read More

Word of the Month: Long COVID

By Michael Ybarra  |    October 19, 2022
What is Long COVID?   Read More

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