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Protecting Patients From Dangerous Counterfeit Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 13, 2011
There was a recent article on MarketWatch that caught my eye because it really broke down the issue of counterfeiting and the dangers that rogue online pharmacy sites pose to patient health and...   Read More

Foreign Sourced Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients vs. Imported Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    March 12, 2011
In a 60 Minutes segment airing tonight, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Margaret Hamburg admits that there are rare instances of counterfeit medicines seeping into the closed U.S drug...   Read More

Teen ODs on Drugs purchased online without Prescription

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 25, 2011
Last week, I wrote about the worldwide counterfeit medicine threat and the dangers that an open U.S. drug supply system poses to patient health and safety. Consumers need to be very careful because...   Read More

Winning the War Against Counterfeiters

By Guest Contributor  |    February 16, 2011
I just addressed the Pharma IQ conference, Winning the War Against Counterfeiters, here in Amsterdam. It was an important opportunity to raise awareness of the threat counterfeit medicines pose to...   Read More

The Flood of Counterfeit Drugs

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 14, 2011
Run an internet search of "counterfeit drugs." You'll be stunned by how many stories there are about the growing worldwide threat of counterfeit medicines. Criminal networks around the globe are...   Read More

The Online Echo of the Counterfeit Medicine Story

By PhRMA Staff  |    February 14, 2011
The 60 Minutes story on the growing danger of counterfeit prescription medicines that ran over the weekend has sparked interest in the problem. Some, like this piece in Medical News Today about the...   Read More

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