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Protect your health: Important disaster preparedness tips for Harvey and Irma

By Guest Contributor  |    September 6, 2017
Conversations and healthy debate about issues facing our industry and the health care system are critical to addressing some of today’s challenges and opportunities. The Catalyst welcomes guest...   Read More

Biopharmaceutical industry’s success reducing disparities for African Americans

By Myisha Gatson  |    February 16, 2017
February is Black History Month, and here at PhRMA, we continue our decades-long commitment to reducing disparities in health care for minorities through developing and helping communities access...   Read More

Medicare Monday: How Part D helps patients with heart disease live longer, healthier lives

By Nicole Longo  |    January 30, 2017
Wednesday kicks off American Heart Month, so this week we’re looking at heart health and how important it is for patients to have access to needed medicines for heart disease and stroke. This is...   Read More

Celebrating hope for patients and families on World Heart Day 2016

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    September 29, 2016
My heart lives in Portland, Ore. The reason I do my work is there too. That’s where I grew up and where I saw my grandfather earlier this month. If you ask him how he is doing, he’ll say, “I’m doing...   Read More

Celebrating brighter futures and healthier hearts during American Heart Month

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    February 10, 2016
This weekend on Valentine’s Day, we take time to celebrate our friends, family and significant others with acts of love and attention. But we also have the opportunity during American Heart Month to...   Read More

New PhRMA Report: Nearly 200 medicines in development for heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases

By Ieva M. Augstums  |    December 9, 2015
Despite significant decreases in death rates from heart disease and stroke over the past three decades, these two conditions continue to be leading causes of death in the United States. With more...   Read More

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

By Tina Stow  |    October 2, 2015
340B Spotlight:  The latest 340B Spotlight explores contract pharmacy arrangements. Learn more about the history of contract pharmacy arrangements and why a policy change in 2010 led to a dramatic...   Read More

Celebrating cardiovascular health on World Heart Day 2015

By Hannah Mooney Mack  |    September 29, 2015
Today, we celebrate more heartbeats with World Heart Day. With a focus on cardiovascular disease and the promoting of healthier heart hygiene, World Heart Day is an opportunity to acknowledge...   Read More

I’m Not Average: Doreen’s Struggle with Cholesterol (Video)

By Holly Campbell  |    July 22, 2015
After a heart attack at only 39 and subsequent diagnosis of high cholesterol, Doreen was in shock. “That was the beginning of a great challenge for me,” says Doreen. She knew she had to stay alive...   Read More

Medicare Monday: Congestive Heart Failure Patients Benefit From Taking Advantage of Part D

By Allyson Funk  |    February 9, 2015
When a Medicare Part D beneficiary adheres to their prescription regimen, both the individual and the broader health care system benefit. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), for example, now...   Read More

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