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Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

By Priscilla VanderVeer  |    September 25, 2015
Protecting Innovation: The current marketplace for prescription medicines helps keep spending in check and continued innovation for patients possible. A recent proposal by Presidential Candidate and...   Read More

New report: Eliminating hepatitis C today could reduce future U.S. health care spending by $115 billion over the next decade

By Holly Campbell  |    September 24, 2015
Costs and Consequences is a blog series examining the health care burden of not treating diseases. Too often, the rhetoric focuses solely on the cost of medicines and disregards the adverse societal...   Read More

ICYMI – New York Times Editorial Board: Hepatitis C medicines a high value for patients and health care system

By Tina Stow  |    September 4, 2015
In a September 2 editorial, The New York Times Editorial Board concludes that “competitive market forces and hard-nosed bargaining” make “tremendously effective” new hepatitis C medicines not just...   Read More

Who is pushing for price controls? The answer may surprise you

By Priscilla VanderVeer  |    August 24, 2015
Progress in medical innovation over the past few years has been nothing short of remarkable. A once incurable disease – hepatitis C – now has cure rates above 90 percent. Patients previously...   Read More

Are new hep C treatments cost effective? Doctors say answer is “a resounding yes”

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    July 14, 2015
In case you missed it, a recent Bloomberg story features a new report from an influential panel of doctors and medical experts which finds that new treatments for hepatitis C are “cost effective.”...   Read More

New Video: How Medicines Can Curb Health Care Costs

By Holly Campbell  |    June 2, 2015
Hospital visits, surgeries and long-term care place a heavy burden on our nation’s health care system, and the weight is only projected to increase. In just the next decade, the U.S. will spend $13.5...   Read More

How a Competitive Biopharmaceutical Marketplace Helps to Control Costs

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    April 14, 2015
Too often conversations on the cost of medicines fail to acknowledge the competitive biopharmaceutical market that exists in the U.S., which helps to control costs while encouraging the development...   Read More

The Reality of Prescription Drug Spending in Medicaid

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    April 9, 2015
Recent rhetoric on spending in state Medicaid programs often overstates the cost impact of prescription medicines and ignores the competitive biopharmaceutical market that exists in the U.S., which...   Read More

Costs and Consequences of Not Treating Diseases

By Holly Campbell  |    March 13, 2015
Innovative medicines developed by biopharmaceutical companies are instrumental in helping patients live longer and healthier lives. Since 2000, more than 500 new medicines have been brought to the...   Read More

The Five Essential Truths about Prescription Drug Spending

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    March 10, 2015
This blog post has been updated. Every day patients around the world are living healthier, more productive lives thanks to innovative medicines developed by biopharmaceutical companies. Retail...   Read More

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