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I’m Not Average: Doreen’s Struggle with Cholesterol (Video)

By Holly Campbell  |    July 22, 2015
After a heart attack at only 39 and subsequent diagnosis of high cholesterol, Doreen was in shock. “That was the beginning of a great challenge for me,” says Doreen. She knew she had to stay alive...   Read More

No Two Patients with High Cholesterol are the Same: Meet Sheryl and Bill

By Holly Campbell  |    July 21, 2015
Even though Sheryl and Bill both have high cholesterol they have two very different stories. Sheryl is able to control her cholesterol level through statin therapy combined with lifestyle changes...   Read More

How many Americans could potentially be treated with new PCSK9 inhibitors? (Hint: It won’t be as many as critics claim)

By Holly Campbell  |    July 20, 2015
Despite claims that tens of millions of Americans could be eligible for treatment with a new class of cholesterol-lowering medications, called PCSK9 inhibitors, the fact is these new medicines will...   Read More

Week in Review: The Latest from PhRMA

By Priscilla VanderVeer  |    June 26, 2015
Fighting High Cholesterol: The prevalence of high cholesterol among American adults underscores the importance of continued innovation. Take a look at the new infographic on fighting high cholesterol.   Read More

Fighting High Cholesterol

By Holly Campbell  |    June 25, 2015
High cholesterol itself is not a disease, but it can lead to disease. After all, every 40 seconds, an American adult dies from a heart attack, stroke, or related vascular disease. Despite being...   Read More

Costs and Consequences of Not Treating High Cholesterol

By Holly Campbell  |    March 20, 2015
Costs and Consequences is a blog series examining the health care burden of not treating diseases. Too often, the rhetoric focuses solely on the cost of medicines and disregards the adverse societal...   Read More

Week in Review: Keeping Patients In-The-Know

By Christian Clymer  |    February 27, 2015
Many patients are not aware of the harmful effects that non-adherence to needed medicines can have on their health, lifestyle and the economy. This week, we explored the ways in which medication...   Read More

Medicare Monday: Medicare Part D & Adherence Help High Cholesterol Patients Save

By Allyson Funk  |    February 23, 2015
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three American adults has high cholesterol. For those struggling with high cholesterol, getting needed prescriptions and adhering...   Read More

Putting the IMS Health Global Forecast on Prescription Medicines in Perspective

By Robert Zirkelbach  |    November 20, 2014
Since 2000, biopharmaceutical companies have brought more than 450 new innovative medicines to the U.S. market, resulting in significant progress against some of the most costly and challenging...   Read More

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